I’m amazed I’m alive

Today, or I guess technically yesterday, was… eventful. I walked for miles, I saw numerous things. And I would write about them but it’s currently 1:30 in the morning and I’ve just come in from like 8 hours of drinking with my friends Boz and Albert, and I’m not sure my liver’s still functioning and my fingers definitely aren’t so I’m just going to throw some pictures and random thoughts up while I still have some memories of today/yesterday in chemical stew that was my brain.

Started off the day walking to Clerkenwell then walked back via a circuitous route that took me past many cool and various things. Pictures.

Then I went out …at night, which greatly relieved the housekeeping staff . Apparently there are entire jobs riding on the principle that people aren’t capable of getting into bed unless someone else turns down their sheets for them and if we all start turning down our own bed sheets at night, the unemployment rate will skyrocket. In any event, I met up with a couple of pals, Boz and Albert, and had a lovely time chatting about various things like Albert’s intransigent resistance to being involved in a caper, both of their deeply ingrained love of music, a subject about which I could not possibly care less, but I always enjoy watching people discourse about things for which they have real passion, and whether or not cricket is even a sport worth having. Conclusion: it’s not.

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