Yes, we are in NY, yes we know about the Free Palestine demonstration, actually we stumbled right through it completely by chance; it was fine. Turn the news off and go outside more, it can only do you good.

Yes, I have been absolutely shit at updating y’all on my whereabouts and doings. The pernicious anemia has been pernicious. I am tired. I am going to attempt to do a brief summation of NY, then I’ll go back and add pictures of the Eclipse and all the other random crap you don’t actually care about.

NY was great. We ate pizza, saw two shows -The Lion King (really excellent stage craft, fairly crap acting; also ruined by The Wench of Stench who needs to understand that if you can’t meet basic hygiene standards, you absolutely should not cram yourself into a crowded theater with other people who need to breathe to live. It’s common courtesy) and Sweeney Todd ( as we all know, a fairly boring story told with entirely too many wasted musical interludes, shit songs, shittier story, basically mildly redeemed by charming performances by the legendary Sutton Foster who was the only reason we went to see it and a nicely sound performance by whats-his-name who played Mr. Todd.) Nobody overtly stank.

The best part of NY was when we went to the Morgan Library to see what hundreds of millions of dollars can buy you in terms of book porn. The hubs was quite dismayed when bringing me here led to the marvelous discovery that you can have a book vault, inside your house. Like a panic room, for books. Where you can close a huge steel vault door, and lock yourself away with thousands of books and no people. And now I want one. Not to mention, murals of the muses of intellect and industry painted above my carved walnut bookcases with dignified glass fronts and rich silk carpets that your feet sink into; along with all the book dust and bibliochor. It’s not great for asthmatics but that’s what they make inhalers for.

It’s really unfair when you consider he had TWO rooms like this, and I have none.

Oh, the

Tell me this is not my whole aesthetic.

We then went through the NY public library, due mostly to my being married to a man who doesn’t know how words work. For instance if you tell me that to get to our next destination we have to go *through the library* then you have signed a contract and we are going THROUGH the library. If you had meant otherwise, you should have said we’re going BY or PAST or AROUND the library, but once you tell me I am going through the library, we’re going THROUGH the library. And we did. It was a day of book sniffing glory. And pizza.

I intend to go back and post the rest of the pics from the Eclipse and other crap we’ve done, but I won’t promise to be faithful. I have yet to find a place to give me a B12 shot and at this point, I’m overdue. So you get what you get when you get it. Sorry for forgetting your birthdays and not writing. It’s just I’ve been traveling for a month and everywhere I go there’s people, and I’m really just at my limit with them. So if you’re people, well, I’ll talk to you in June.

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